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Album Review: Fashionably Late - Falling in Reverse

Falling in Reverse hits 2013 with a brand new album titled Fashionably Late. The previous album, The Drug in Me Is You (July 25th 2011) collected positive feedback for it was Ronnie Radke’s return into the music industry. Falling in Reverse is known to be one of the most controversial bands in the post-hardcore genre. Radke was once in the band, named Escape The Fate, but inconveniences occurred causing him his position as the lead vocalist and absence from the music industry. When Radke came back, he came back with a louder voice and a new band known as today, Falling in Reverse. The Drug In Me Is You was filled with songs letting the fans understand Radke’s break up with Escape The Fate.

The new album Fashionably Late will be released on June 18th 2013, via Epitaph Records. This record holds a whole new emotion to it. Criticism, negative gossip, rival fan bases, and high expectations riding on the band had to of helped trigger their motivation to surprise anyone who takes a bite into their songs. This album gives a lot to devour with 12 songs 7 of them being 4 minutes and longer. With whatever song Falling in Reverse does they always create a shock factor into their songs. This creates people to listen from start to finish. You could miss a break down in the end, different vocals, shift in the beat, and anything else Falling in Reverse chooses to throw into the song to keep people listening to every little detail. This can be compared to Radke’s personality, spontaneous and mysteries with a little kick of always being fashionably late.

‘Alone’ is introduced into the album as the single and 5th song in the tracklisting. The reason for its placement can be to give the feeling of rap and rock into his album as a whole. Sort of like a witches brew; A little bit of this and a little bit of that to create the perfect bang. Not a lot of people know this about Radke, but he is influenced by many rappers. To throw rap into the song gives you a taste of his style. Although people may take his lyrics while rapping to a new extent of serious, it was only worded to bash on a few rappers. This song got a whole lot of feedback-some positive and some negative. Not everyone expected to hear Radke pumping rap on stage with a tech beat to go with it. Falling in Reverse couldn’t just keep a tech rap beat; they had to throw in their rock beat every time Radke did scream vocals and hit the chorus. Jacky Vincent (guitar/vocals), Derek Jones (Guitar), Ron Ficarro (bass), and Ryan Seaman (drums) mastered their instruments by enabling themselves to not just follow each other but to listen to an extra set of sound. That extra sound is the studio beat heard while Radke rapped. Although there are a lot of transitions in the song ‘Alone’, each band member keeps up with the other and lets Radke’s voice cling right onto the beat.  This song can give off the feeling of climbing a mountain, while people that take no ambition in their life spill out their negative input, but you stride on up leaving them all covered in the rocks you conquered on the way to the top. Radke leaves an impression of telling people he has changed and wants everyone who is bad mouthing him to sew their mouths shut with these lyrics. This song shows a bit of a different musical side to Radke all over it, but it still has his feel to it and for that I give it thumbs up. It is not an all-time favorite off of Fashionably Late but it still received over a million hits on YouTube within a week so that must speak for the song itself.

Expectedly the first song on the album, ‘Champion’ describes what he has become but with the thought of the people who have supported him throughout all his ups and downs. This song brings out Radke’s hardcore side but unexcitingly jumps into a rap bit where he interrupts the song. Yes his rap gets corny in a part or two but it pulls out his elegance in word play. It feels as if he is saying rappers today throw together unnecessary vocabulary and call it modern rap. Besides the rap interruption the song keeps a fast steady beat that can create a mosh pit with a circle pit fluctuation. Without the whole band using their indescribable use of teamwork of combining many different genres together would not work out properly.

‘Born To Lead’ is the longest song at 5 minutes and 19 seconds. This innovated masterpiece shows off every single band member’s talent. Jacky Vincent shows how he has improved as a guitarist with his shredding fingers of lightning tearing up his impressive solo, going above and beyond his talent. While playing live, if Vincent can do his solo while performing the signature guitar throw behind his head as he always does, then that will be a sight to capture for a lifetime. No one can forget Derek Jones’ ability to conquer the stage in any condition but with this song he shows how to overpower the rhythm guitar. Jones leaves an impression of significant justice to all rhythm guitarists with this song. Ryan Seaman, also known as the most feminine member of Falling in Reverse, plays the drums at high standards in ‘Born To Lead’. Seaman remarkably shows his ability of endurance and muscle strength by being able to go at a fast pace with only a few seconds of respite. Bassist Ron Ficarro is a steady player of the band with his ability to groove to any situation. Apparently this song is a playground for Ficarro, with switching speeds to tunes within the matter of seconds. To finish the beautiful team work painting in this song, there is Ronnie Radke with his destructive voice and lyrics to concur any beat thrown his way. Although this might be opinionated but in a musical understanding he has been dealing his cards since 2006 and went through hoops to master life and his dreams.

Each track has a unique style to it with a few involving rap in them and a few without. It is all designed to please every listener and to show off their talent in different genres. In a specific song you can see the loving passionate side to Ronnie Radke and that song is ‘Keep Holding On’. It is very hard to pick out individual songs because they are all so unique. The whole album itself gives the band a chance for change and creates a new sound for people to listen to. Not everyone wants the same thing over and over. That is how you can get bored with a band. By Falling in Reverse creating this alternative album they have made it so they can go in any direction they choose for following albums. As for fans, it is your choice to stick with them through it all or turn them down because of change. Another song that had heads turning is ‘Game Over’ because of its gaming sound. It is as if you are playing a game on the Nintendo while listening to the song. It might be different from what the members of Falling in Reverse have done in the past but it is cool to see that they are experimenting with their sound. It is a very good quality for Falling in Reverse to have. The song, ‘Bad Girls Club’ brings out laughter but it fits Radke’s experience with women in the past and anyone who has dated a “bad girl”. One thing Radke brings to his lyrics is humor, which creates a key factor in his dealing with his own madness. If you’re a diehard fan looking for three extra songs your best bet is to get the Deluxe Edition, which carries two new songs and one remix of ‘Rolling Stone’. For the fans who don’t like the change, just give it a chance and I am sure it will grow on you. With an open variety to music they bring a whole new level of different people to a single venue. What Falling in Reverse has done is open their horizon to the future. Their Record Label, Epitaph Records is very pleased with the new album and this can only mean positive things are to come. Go get the album immediately and be part of the FIR Nation. Don’t miss out on the new sound.   

 Fashionably Late comes out June 18th 2013 via Epitaph Records.

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Reviewer: Joseph Newhall

Editor: Melissa Jones 

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